Monday, 16 January 2012

New Dear Sis

Assalamualaikum wbt dear readers, 
Its Monday again~!(ive been typing this since Monday, only to post it today. Hehe) So, how was your weekend? Mine was absolutely full of drama . Happy , great, action, angry, emo. Huhu. That was my emotions during the weekend. Even though there are some negative vibes it was a good weekend. Fully utilized weekend ^_^

Usually I will go back straight to my parent’s house on Friday. Right after work. But since I need to send my new dear sis to Pejabat Agama Islam in Kajang, I slept over in Bangi another night. She told me we were supposed to be there at 7 am. So, after dragging myself early in the morning to the place, we were surprise to see the office still closed. And no one in the compound. FYI, we were actually late (7.15am~) and that makes us even more shocked coz no one is around.

Then we tried to call Friendly Ustaz who help us around the first time we were there.Friendly Ustaz with his cheerful talkative self told us, we got the wrong time. The correct time is 8am gather at the office. 9am , a van will collect and drive to the seminar venue. So, we were like… aaa….we c…. O_O

Friendly Ustaz told us to get some breakfast, and I said is it ok to come at 8.30am? Yeah sure, get yourself energized first with breakfast ^_^, so we had breakfast. We even got the time to go back to our apartment, coz my new dear sis left her HP! Thank God we got the time to U-Turn . hehe.

We took our time and arrive to the office again at 8.35am.~ As we walk pass through the –now already opened- front gate,

a white van drove out.  (I was “hurm….)

With several multiracial people at the back.  (I was “why does it feel like that’s the bus we are waiting for..)

Still denying the hints , we went straight to the canteen and tried to search for other mualafs. But none were to be seen.

OH OOO….. (o_o)” ~we’re doomed !

Okay, don’t panic, lets just call Friendly Ustaz. Alhamdulillah, Friendly Ustaz was able to contact the van driver, and gonna U-turn back and make another pick up. Another mix-up again 0_0

Help new dear sis’s luggage into the van, and said bye2. My other sis Lime (sorry for introducing her at the last minute, she was with us from the beginning) said, she feels like sending off her own kid to a summer camp. Hoho. Very touching moment really

Well, the moral of the story,
I was touched by my new dear sis,who didn’t gave up to go to the seminar. She took 3 days leave, coz the seminar is 5 days in total. Saturday till Wednesday. A few days before, she accidentally hurt her inner ear. She went to 2 clinics for a check up. And when  I come back home from work, I saw her lying down on the sofa bed we her hands on her ear. Probably trying to endure the pain.  Then, she new when her period is gonna come, and that’s gonna be when she is at the seminar.  Some girls get migraine “when the moon comes” . How are u suppose to study with that condition?
Not to mention, right after she reverted to Islam,(not yet went to kursus asas) she would ask me to pray with her everytime I am at home.

Mashallah, what an inspiring new dear sis.we luv her soo much J She is an adorable gift in our life.  I hope she will become a very very super duperly good muslimah ^_^ amin