Thursday, 12 January 2012

still not too late for new year resolutions right ?

Assalamualaikum wbt dear readers,
its such a wonderful day today, im in office alright , but no job yet till why not just get my "complicated unorganized-yet" self to organize by listing down all the stuffs that i need to improve this year. At first i thought of just listing it down

then the list just gets longer and longer and boring to look at. Seriously, no one is gonna read it including myself.
Then, came the idea of colors :

see ?
 a bit interesting to read right ?
lastly, i need to advice my self to dont give up with the LONG LIST ^_^

イズヤンちゃん、最後までガンバッテ!breath & enjoy LIFE <3

i hope u guys dont forget to make a resolution too~! planning is one step  closer to be better :) InsyAllah ~