Tuesday, 17 January 2012

paip air

My house got leakage faucet (sinki air bocor)
its been dripping water for centuries. And its driving me crazy. huhu.
its not that i cant stand the sound of water dripping, i just cant stand thinking how many litters of water is wasted.
a dripping water can gain 4 litters of water. times with how many days. and yeah, thats a lot.
so, last week i went to the DIY shop, bought washers. coz i assume thats the problem.
then ,tried to wind off the handle (please refer the diagram for better understanding  :D )but it wouldnt budge off. so i thought , how lucky i am that i dont have a spanner. LOL.
so, the repairing had to wait till i get home and borrow dad's .
I even asked my dad how to open the faucet. coz i cant even open the handle.
then , dad says there is a screw on top of it. you got to open the plastic thingy (somewhere on top of the handle)
so, i was like "ooooooo... no wonder i couldnt open it....)
then , yesterday,
i tried again . and guess wat. i managed to open the handle. Now, i can see the handle and the packing nut.
i tried to unscrew that nut. but its darn nutty tiring. coz it wouldnt budge at all.
then i ask my housemate today if she new. then she told me why dont u google the net?
so, thats where i got the above diagram.
I tried again. And.. unfortunately, the nut did not move. i think, the nut is attached or something.

maybe we gonna call some people to help. lol. plumber gonna be expensive.
i need a guy in the house. haha.
- a damsel in distress -a damsel learned a new thing bout faucet ^_^ -