Friday, 3 July 2009

hindu reverts to islam in malaysia

The video is nice but i didnt find the next part.

He started out with usrah, and subhanallah, the outcome is splendid.

I remembered the time when i went to UIA, listened to a reverted Muslim (from Hindu) preaching. He was great. i mean, he is not born as a Muslim , but he went preaching. subhanallah.Even better than the muslims that i know. Dont you ever wonder y, they want to spread Islam so much ??? and us (generally) from birth as Muslims are so lazy to open our Quran ?


kyo_9 said...

huhu.. kadang2 dgr preach muallaf ni best gak sebab diorang dapat bandingkan dgn agama asal diorang skali..

tun izyan dalila said...

oh yeah.. tuh best gak (^^,)