Friday, 3 July 2009

Video Blog #3: $25,000 Muslim Weddings!!

its been a while since i watched baba ali's hilarious but compact with advice video.
the $25000 catched my eye to watch this. prepare yourself for another exciting advice from baba ali (^^,)

i like the part where you get people to go and solat in the masjid. thats $$ of deeds (^_^)


a k i r a said...

Salam'alaikum Izyan,
Awak tak dpt ye postcard saya tu? Alaaaaa sorry sorry. Gomennasai. InsyaAllah I will send again eh. Mungkinkah tulisan romaji saya tak mampu difahami mereka? Maybe lepas ni kena print out alamat yg awk bagi.


p/s: hope you are doing well!