Tuesday, 30 June 2009

見ないほうがいいよ. You better not look

sensei giving a talk before kanpai

shokudothe nomikai party, drinks and food

I just got back from Campus at 9pm. This is not the usual time i got home, coz today we had another nomikai ( drink party) for my research lab. Just like last year i had a lil headache when they open up beer cans. So, after eating whatever that i can eat, i sat a lil bit far from them. To avoid myself from getting dizzy.

fruits - i can eat (^_^)

Today, I'm a lil bit happy coz i got to tell some of my friends about alcohol. Well, usually the Japanese only know that Muslim cant drink. But now, they already know that Muslims cant serve, buy , drink, sell, etc because i showed them the hadith. No relationship with the alcohol. " ahh now i know Izyan a lil bit more.." chuckled Izuka-kun. "so you cant hold alcohol ? " "not even touch it?" " i can touch it, but not serve it " ... in my head i thought, if i would want to touch it, i would only smash it to the ground. i dont know why, but when i see them drinking alcohol, it reminds me of perfume.. its made of alcohol.. and you are like, drinking perfume-->poisons. cans, litters of poisons into your body.. errghhh.. i just feel like puking.. oh wait.. drunks some times puke.. no wonder...

pork - i cant eat (-_-")

“The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah has cursed wine, its drinker, its server, its seller, its buyer, its presser, the one for whom it is pressed, the one who conveys it, and the one to whom it is conveyed,” (Buhkari: Book 26, Number 3666).

sandwiches- pork,cheese+ ham, i can only eat egg sandwich

The nomikai started at 6pm at the shokudo (cafeteria). Before it started, the guys were playing cards. So, i went there and sat beside Okada-kun. Okada-kun is one of the nicest guys in the lab. Don't get me wrong, but all of them are nice. Its just that i always sit beside Okada during presentation or when using the computers. So, we sometimes talk, and he sometimes asked me what are you reading when he sees me holding an alien book... is it the Quran ? but no, is just a book. you can hold it. and he would flip the Malay/English/Indonesian book and say " OK , i don't understand it" and smiled at me.

Salmon- i can eat, nyummy (^_^)

So, when i was about to sit there, Okada doesn't want me to look at his cards. So i poked around, but he still closed his cards. I'm not playing... its not like I'm going to tell others... When he realize that i still wanna look at the cards, "イズヤン、見ないほうがいいよ. "(Izyan,You better not look) he said . So, i obediently got up from the chair. but i accidentally saw someone else's card . And i wish i didn't saw it.. Instead of the usual plain jokers and queens or aces pics, they are pics of very sexy women. .. What the.... You are ashamed of me looking at it...Coz I'm sure deep inside you think it is wrong.... even if you are not a Muslim...

distributing the unknown cards

Another friend of mine, Noguchi-kun gets drunk easily. He talks a lot, but when he gets drunk, he talks even more. Observing from far,at his table, everyone was just listening to him talking.sometimes they laugh when he makes some jokes. Suddenly he came to me and said with a very pity face " すみませんね。酒を飲めないから。”(I'm sorry izyan, coz you cant drink) ... "its ok " i told him.. Ahh... if only he knows that not drinking is better than drinking... Oh, and i hope he would get home safely today. Last year's nomikai, he said he didn't know how he got home. But at last he got home .

forgot the names... dont mind... cant eat it anyway

They ask you concerning alcohol and gambling.

Say: "In them is a great sin, and some benefits for men,

but the sin is far greater than the benefit." Holy Qur’an 2:219

Okada-kun, Izuka-kun,Noguchi-kun, and all of my other unmentioned friends and senpai(senior) are sooooo nice and hardworking.....i wish they would revert one day... so, even if I'm not good at explaining in Japanese, i hope i'll leave them some good marks about Islam, so that one day they would find the truth (^^,) Insyallah.

me and sensei ..i m holding a cup of ocha( green tea)


aReLaN said...

nmpk cm sdp je mknn.bln ni ade lg nomikai.4 kli tahan ngan mmber2 tonggang.sbr jela.

Anonymous said...

decoration mknn tuk menarik ler...i like..hehe =)

tun izyan dalila said...

Alhamdulillah coz my sensei only does nomikai once a year.

the food/ decoration is done by the shokudo cooker(cafeteria ladies) ;)

MuNsYi^SaMa said...

insya Allah. At least you've made a good impression about Islamic teachings,and eventually Allah will guide them. You've done a good job here sis.

you can state the disadvantages of alcohol consumption to support your argument why Islam prohibited alcohol.

a k i r a said...

salam'alaikum izyan

thanks for sharing your experience. kita pulak yang jadi excited bila awak dapat menceritakan a few things about Islam to your friends! I wish I was there to see their reactions~

btw apologies, sangat sebab my postcard tak sampai..salah alamatkah? hurm...can you mail your address to me? I guess I have to just print it..kalau salin takuyt salah and tak boleh dibaca