Monday, 15 June 2009

R U a Malaysian or a Japanese?

"Are you a Malaysian or a Japanese? "

A friend of mine trying to tease me .

What's with the country ? I was born in Malaysia. My Mother was born in Malaysia, while my Dad was born in Singapore. My Opah (Grandma) is a Malay- Nik while my Nenek (Grandmother) is a Chinese . My Granfather is an Orang Negeri, while my Grandpa is a Megat. So, what is there to be proud of ? A Malay ? A Chinese grandaughter ? A Singaporean's daughter ? A Malaysian ? A daughter of a Puteri ? a grandchild of a Nik ? A descendant of Parameswara ?

Parameswara ? Malaysia ? Tanah Melayu ? full stop ". "

Im not saying that Im not proud to be a Malaysian , but Im even prouder to be what connects all the above races and nationality. Im a Muslim . My history is longer than Tunku Abdul Rahman , Megat Terawis and Parameswara . Im prouder to have a family history starting from Adam a.s to Ibrahim a.s to Rasulullah s.a.w to the Khalifah and to the Abasiyyah and etc.

I dont like people suppressing me to like Malaysia or to be a Malaysian. Im just proud to be a Malaysian as it is but sometimes it hurts to know how the origin of Malaysia came to be. You know y ? jeng jeng jeng ... go and read islamic histories, and you'll get the answer. (^^,) coz im not a pro to tell it myself. here is a vid to get a hint of what im trying to say


Paan Lee said...

salam izyan,

when embed a video from youtube, cube cari dimension yg sesuai ngan kelebaran layout kamu, barulah video tak terkeluar2 dr layout.. huhu.. :D

anyway, im proud to be malaysia n keturunan rojak2 but akhirnya jadi melayu! n still proud of it! :D im not proud to be muslim, but im grateful of it. :D

aReLaN said...

i'm not so really proud of being a malaysian.smngat patriotik n kebangsaan nilah yg memecahbelahkan umat ISLAM.dh mati nnt,kang padang mahsyar,takde pn soal apa negara kamu? or apa bangsa kamu?yg ada,apa agamamu.

MuNsYi^SaMa said...

I'm proud to be a Muslim. sometimes people don't realize the fact that when you are not a Muslim, you've lost your chance to enter Jannah. Always be proud when you are a Muslim. and to do that, be grateful to Allah for His ni'mat of Islam and Iman.

Being patriotic to your country is not a bad thing. But always remember that Allah, Islam and Muslim should come first. I agree with aReLaN.


tun izyan dalila said...

to paan lee : arigatou . akan cari yg kecil skit (^^,)

to arelan n munsyi sama :
arigatou for the comments (^_^)

may all of us enter Jannah