Monday, 8 June 2009

Pls hold The Line

Im dedicating this song and vid to all the muslims out there,my FAMILY, my JADians friends , my AAJians friends , my PETRONASians friends, and all the SISTERs and BROTHERs that know me.

Sometimes the sea becomes rough and sometimes calm .

well, thats NORMAL (^^,)

the main thing is DONT LET GO OFF THE LINE \(^_^)/

song: native deen (hold line)
pics: frm various places , internet, mine, and friends

Lets think to back, back when we started
We were just souls with one target
This was a course that we both charted
So how did we end broken hearted


Can faith pull us through
Don’t know what I should do
But ask of you

Please please please hold the line now,
I swear please hold the line now
Can't see what happened to us
Just look how shaytan will do us

Please please please hold the line now,
I swear please hold the line now
Just long enough so we can find out
Find out how we work things out

How we work things out

Now comes the time, time to mend fences
To remove the mask and stop pretending
Because now the whisper’s winning
And how could this be our ending



I know it seems so hard, it seems so hard
When others fall apart, they fall apart
They couldn’t make it though, they couldn’t make it through
But this I promise you, Allah rewards the Sabiroon

So, so, so…


Work things out


Paan Lee said...

Salam izyan,
yeah, jgn lepaskan tali tu walau ape pun jadi... umat akhir zaman ni dugaan die lain mcm skit, kene byk sabar!

anyway, utk kamu jugak, good luck di jepun.. :D semoga berjaya!

tun izyan dalila said...


(^^,)/ kochirakoso~~

:::cebisan hatiku::: said...

Salam..izyan..nice video..
boleh la ajar i pas ni ek..hehe...
i da tukar link taw utk blog i...

tun izyan dalila said...

thanks cebisan hatiku (^^,)

nak ajar boleh aje ~~~ kantan desu

Atiqah Humaira said...

salam ziarah dari bumi kiwi, new zealand.
ana akn ke japan dis november, insyaALLAH.
moga kite dipertemukan.

Atiqah Humaira said...


nnt stay di tsukuba,
ngan syapiqa.
knal x?

ini ym tqa: