Saturday, 30 May 2009

i like dogs. is it wrong? is it a bad image for a muslim ?

i like dogs. is it wrong? is it a bad image for a muslim ?

i wish i could have dogs as pets but i never intend to do it coz i know that God only permits you to have dogs for hunting, farming and security. i know its not haraam to touch dogs, especially if it is not wet. but i never touch it just for precautions. i really despise people who hate dogs . coz dogs are still God's creation . i searched on the net about dogs and islam, and came to good reviews and bad reviews. which confused me a bit.

even though i really like dogs, some people think it is best for me to avoid myself from showing newbies(new frens/juniors) that i like dogs, so that people who thinks dogs are impure animals wouldn't get a bad first impression of me, and eventually wouldn't trust me , ... . . mm, i still think its not wrong to even show people that dogs are just like cats or plants or flowers that you want to take pictures with.

wait a minute,. if this is so wrong, its just the same as watching dramas, movies, buying cloths because it is pretty, play games coz it is fun , chat because it is interesting , admire idols coz they are soo cute and intelligent, etc ,. infact, these situations are not the same, but far more dangerous than my fondness to dogs.

this is pathetic. am i forgetting my priority ? its like arguing either to pray 8 rakaat or 20 rakaat for tarawikh. when at that time our khalifah have been dethroned. rather than arguing, it would be better for me to figure out how to get Allah's love. How to do my job as a khalifah . How to improve my iman. And i hope He will make me able to differentiate black and white coz This world is full with smokey gray situations.

anyway, these are some of my collections .


shineeshimizu said...

best per doggie..I luv husky wolf nyer long it doesnt lick u..ok ler...

tun izyan dalila said...

yeah , thats right (^^,)

Paan Lee said...

tak salah, tapi tak suke tgk org islam berbangga ade bela anjing, siap2 pegang n cium. i find it really offensive.. just 2 cent of my opinion. huhu :d suke jugak anjing but takut haha :D

yana sahri said...

oh! aku pun suke dogs!!! cuteeee sangat.
bile jalan2, tgk nihonjin bawak anjing chomel2, dapat tgk dr jauh je la...huhuhuhu... suke tp takut. nnt die gigit...hehehe

Mus'ab said... manusia takut kat babi..

cube kte try di jilat oleh anjing..

patuh kte try sama' ngn tanah campur air..

n kte biase wat...

surely kte x takut dah kat anjing jepun..


tun izyan dalila said...

thanks 4 the coments . (^^,) now, i dont feel so bad in liking dogs. btw, it is better not to touch it just to get use to dogs, coz from the medical point of view,dogs are quite hazardous to humans.they carry tapeworm that can cause of chronic disease, sometimes resulting in death.

haziQah said...

salam izyan
sure boleh je link me kat ur blog.
kite pun link awk k ;)

owh vry gud entry.n vry brave 1.keep on writing ;)

aqila-jp said...

I like be-jing type. you know, the one which looks like a very cute bear but a dog, er like a combination of BEar and anJING. looks like teddy bear at lovely lace etc.hehe ak pndi2 bubuh nama sndri. kat nihon byk anjing camni, huhu rasa cm nk peluk.

dharmiza said...

anjing lg macho dr kucing yg ske nk manje lebih2! haha

same ngn qila. anjing yg mcm bear itu tersgtlah cumil! huhu

tun izyan dalila said...

anjing macam bear ??

( ̄(エ) ̄)ゞ クマ

MuNsYi^SaMa said...

thanks for leaving comment on my blog. Allow me to link your blog.

Let's ponder. Many Muslims have misunderstood Islam’s teachings regarding dogs, and this has led to the mistreatment of these animals. There are reasons why Islam sets rules about dogs and one of them is like you mentioned above. But, that doesn't mean there's a need to do harm to the dogs.

It's human nature to like cute things. "Nonetheless, Muslims are discouraged from keeping dogs inside their homes, as the Prophet has been reported as saying that angels do not enter into a house that has a dog."


eD said...

Kucing aa comel. Sangat manja. Ada kes anjing gigit mati orang, takde lak kes kucing gigit mati orang.(saje nak point kat Salmi)

Ni kalau masuk Mastika boleh jadi isu ni. =D

I opinion on the dog issue. Anjing comel je. Tapi takde nafsu nak pegang pun.