Sunday, 17 May 2009

People of Understanding?

Have you heard of some Quran verses that starts of with Allah's creations like the cloud or the sky or the earth or the mountains and etc, than after the descriptions, it will state that the descriptions are the signs for people of understanding.

people of understanding? for example the alternation of night and day. think. what can a person understand from the alternation of night and day. At one time its dark then the next thing it started to get bright. hurmm.. then , a "skema" (conventional) answer would be all the scientific stuffs like how people get to rest at night, or the earth is round and rotates, or the creation of an owl who comes out during the night etc. These shows how Mighty Allah is .

so, does people of understanding are for genius people who are good in science? How about people 1000 years ago? they dont have a compulsary science class to go to like we do when we were in standard four.

A friend of mine, starts to question herself too... With a dubious reply, " oh , wow, never thought of that. i dont know"

hence, i told her, thats the answer. We dont know. We dont know a lot of things.

Well, this just one of the reasons . Allah is reminding you that you are just His little servant who doesnt know a lot of things. You need Him , you need His Guidance (Quran) , You need a teacher (Rasulullah saw / sunnah) coz you dont know. So, dont brag yourself if you get nobel prize ( the japanese are so proud about nobel prizes . Its like "THE THING" . people start hailing them, they are the best , like idols. The genious research till they drop, just to get the nobel prize. then , they die. end of story. ) what is so great about these people compared to Allah? The nobel prizes just discovered something that is already there. Just giving names to Allah's things and proclaim its their's.Just look around. Allah made all of these. Allah knows everything .the most genious person in the world 's knowlege compared to Allah is like zillion to one. And you acknowledge him more than Allah. What a shame. (-_-")

Ignorant servant . Thats what we are if we dont understand His Signs..