Thursday, 14 May 2009

Long Live Palestine

Assalamualaikum everyone,

In this recent few days, lots of stuff happened to me. Just giving you keywords for a rough idea of my condition.

- Shockingly bad news - Insultation of my Religion - Mocking - Off-Guard Attacks - Scolding me of something i didnt do -Violating my Privacy - Frustration --> Cant really sleep well --> resulting to distractions of my real purpose of life.

I wanted to write more about it. I wanted to pour out more on this blog . Ive been thinking thousands of ways for REVENGE . This incident is turning me into my old self (dont mess we me coz you are gonna pay ). Then i remembered..

Anger is just another path for Satan.

I seldom get mad but this time... its a bit over the limit. Controlling extreme anger is not so easy after all . All my anger energy automatically transfers into actions . Instead of closing the door, it becomes slamming the door. Instead of putting the dishes aside, it becomes throwing hard into the sink. BAD. i know... but it felt great. Transferring all the negative charge away. PLEASE DON'T FOLLOW THIS METHOD. im still trying to find other ways , better and good ways to control anger till people couldn't detect it.

When i was on my way to school today, i plug my ears and heard this song .(Outlandish ft Sami Yusuf-Ive Seen) With what is going on me, i almost cried , it had never given me such great impact . i really miss "you" . The Ummah who would protect us, protect Palestine.

Palestine is one of the reasons that pushes me to be what i need to be. The Living souls are one of my role models. If they can do it, why cant we? --must get out of ignorance -- 頑張らなきゃ \(^o^)/

Blog about Palestine is just 1 more day to go, but im dedicating this post earlier. Read the lyrics, feel it... BLOG about it (^^,)V Long Live Palestine.


Atan said...


eD said...

Oh. What happened to you dear?

You know you can always call me.

On a more serious note. Do it like me. Bila geram, pergi lari aka jogging kuat2, jauh2, sampai lembik. Dapat exercise. Dapat lepas geram.

tun izyan dalila said...

to atan :
wasalam (^^,)

to ed :
I know i can call you, but i rather call my girlfriends (^_^)V

btw, thanks for the advice.