Thursday, 5 March 2009

what goes through your mind?

what goes through your mind, when you are looking at me?

When i look at you, i always wonder too.

Are you happy? Are you sad? Hows everything there?

Facebook had been a lil heaven for me to know whats going on with my relatives and friends. Being far off from them, not being able to meet up , just makes me wonder. Pictures tells you 1001 types of stories. Some are predictable and some are not. Some are believable and some are just lies.

I like to put pictures in my blog or my profile pages, so that the people who misses me would not wonder or worry about me.

Im taking a degree in Japan for 2 years. I will only come back to malaysia after my graduation, insyallah 2010. Most of my friends went back to Malaysia during the holidays, to meet up with their fellow peeps. I wonder what's it like to be back in Malaysia after 2 years? New additional of cousins, niece and nephew, new roads, new houses.

New personalities.

Some seems to be blooming well and colorful, and some seems to be dying. Like i said, pictures can tell you many different stories. And i hope for some pics, it is lying...

Do i miss Malaysia? mm.. I do miss Malaysia's warm sunny wheather. Other than that, alhamdulillah ive never been homesick. Maybe it is because my family uses the YM to contact with me. Video cam them. So, not being able to be with them at the same place, is not a biggie :D Im just glad we are still under the same sky.

I dont have a boyfriend that i can text to ,every single minute. I dont have my family close to me. I dont have real japanese friends from school. What i got is , Allah, who is closer than my vein.The strongest reason, that makes me stand in this atheist country.

Allah is so loving, that He gives me friends to show me the right path. Sometimes we walk together, and sometimes we tripped. Allah is so concerned that He sends me things that will stop me. Allah is so Magnificent that He teaches me many things without me realizing it. He stands by me, no matter what happens.


Why am i so arrogant? Why am i so ungrateful? Im trully sorry dear Lord. I know that saying is just not enough. There are a lot of actions that need to take place. (T_T)

Anyway,only one more year to go, till i meet you. (^^,)

I know that this sakura land has lots to offer me . Lord, please prepare me for the days that ill meet my family n frens in malaysia.