Monday, 2 March 2009


goodbye rumah ikuta~~

dari fuchinobe ke machida ~ hari yang penuh ngan suspen..

mmg banyaklah barang kat fuchinobe nih (>_<) ... tetiba navi hp mati. nasib baiklah barang sampai gak kat machida..alhamdulillah.
if we rent a car/truck, must refill the tank back to full. first time gi stesen minyak. terpaksa panggil cashier girl at Doutor,,

after returning back the truck, we head on for dinner.. that day tak lunch pon.. lunch pon onigiri jer.. kesian org2 yang bantu izyan.. anyway we went to La-Pausa. The following pictures are rated U. dont worry , it will only make you wanna have a piece of it (^^,)V

La-Pausa(kedai mkn itali) nih spagetti goreng. rasanya cam mamee. Fizah mesti suke ..

this is my fav, bila ke La-Pausa. cheese spagetti. just cheese. if got macaroni ker.. ayam ker.. daging ker.. sure sedap..

mm.. again some desert .. yang nih rasanya cam banana pie . Its hot but when you eat it with the ice cream.. mmm.. nyummy ~~

If im gonna choose a desert, i will always choose chocolate/vanilla/banana. La-Pausa nyer parfeit ade special skit. kat bawah tuh ade yogourt. mmg heavenly oishikatta..

Somehow, God has written down some things that i couldnt figure out. It keeps me wondering why does God made the car broke down,on the day i was suppose to move out. And I ended up had to rent a truck, find a new driver and manpower . I even missed the trip to Iwate.

Watever it is, Its just like a cactus, its full of torns at first.As time passby a beautiful flower will blossom out. God is full of knowledge, and im sure God is training me in different ways and usually without me realizing it.

The next day, i went to a daurah. The "daurah"(on 1st march) (some of you know wats on that date) .. i know some of you(referring to X and X and X) dont wanna go..because of some reason. but anyway ive already recorded it. (^^,) sometimes the content doesnt really matter, sometimes they just teach you things that you already know. Whats important is the experience there. You get to meet unexpected people. and I just love to see these kids again.

Aska, a pure indonesian boy. He is so quite and nice. Doesnt cry if we come near to him. The last time i saw him, he couldnt even walk. and now, he is climbing up and down the stairs.

This is Naomi. Half korean and indonesia. cute as usual.

This is the next day. My senpai came to help me out. Sorry Diyana, i had to reesemble back the food stock. You missed another bag of food (>_<)
Then,we went to hokuo(bread shop)
this is a limited time hinamatsuri bread.

It is a danish bread, with lots of custard inside, たっぷりカスタードが入っている。

jzkk to the akhowat and ikhwan that helped me. May Allah bless all of you (^^,) 本当にアリガトウございました。


kyo_9 said...

truck tu korang yg bawak ke?

Qudwatun Hassanah said...

Makanan itu nampak sangat sangat sangat sedap.

Tapi tu bukan makanan Jepun... (,_,)

Makanan Jepun apa yang paling Izyan suka, eh?

tun izyan dalila said...

kyo_9 : haah.ade 2 driver yang telah membawa truck tuh. 1st ade lesen, pastu yang another person tuh tak de lesen. mmg tawakkal kpd Allah. (>_<)

qudwatun hassanah : saya paling suka sushi :D post sebelum nih pon , ade rasanya gambar gi kedai sushi

tun izyan dalila said...
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Paan Lee said...

salam, makanan jepun nampak best je.... yum yum!