Tuesday, 17 March 2009

bertebarlah kamu di bumi -- korea?

chenjeyeon Falls
Jungmun Beach,cheju island

maka bertebarlah kamu di bumi, carilah karunia Allah dan ingatlah Allah banyak-banyak agar kamu beruntung ” ( Surah Al-Jumu’ah:10)

Some of my friends asked me, why did you go to Korea? Why are you learning in Japan? why? y? and Y?

well, for some reason, i dont really exactly know why. It just happened. Allah is the better planner. I planned to go to Europe but Allah planned me to be in Korea. I dont really planned to learn in Japan, just trying out my luck, and Allah gave me the most wonderful tarbiyah that no one else can give.

What i got from Korea.

I learn to appreciate Malaysia.

I also learn to appreciate Japan better.

Korea seems like a developed country with high technologies. Samsung, Hyundai etc..but the real truth is, it is just like Kuala Lumpur but dirtier. I was very shocked. Coming out from the tunnel train , the first sight was the jalan TAR ., but dirtier version. Speaking generally, Koreans spit everywhere. They throw rubbish everywhere. There were bundles of garbages at the side of the road. I used to think in my mind that my country is beautiful. coz in my head i only imagined shah alam, putrajaya, all the not so dirty places. But after going to Korea, it reminded me most of the parts in Malaysia. As a muslim i feel bad. The so called "islamic" country, just dont have the manners yet. Even though japanese are mostly aethiest, they know manners. Even though you are in the city, you can still smell the fresh air. In kuala lumpur.. no way ...just carbons from the cars and smokes too. Still needs some teachings.

I still love Malaysia, for some of their good friendly manners. In Korea, if you get in a persons way, you will be bumped. If the person gets in your way, you will be bumped too.While walking, back and forth, through the stations, sometimes you just dont realize it, then they just bump you. Quite iritating but, you learn to sabar.

When buying things, of course you wanna see the quality of the thing u wanna buy. If you are not satisfied with it, of course you wont buy it and just live it. In Korea, they will scold you if you dont buy. I dont understand what they say but from the body language you can just predict it. Sometimes they didnt even give you to do window shopping. They shoo-ed you away if you take a long time trying to figure out which color is the nice one. Really, really... rough and bad manners. So, i do appreciate Japanese and also Malaysian.

I love Malaysia for not having many drunkers on the road.Im so happy that Islam forbids you to drink alcohol. Koreans and Japanese like to drink, and get drunk and start to act silly and crazy. Sometimes they pee at the side of the road. sometimes they harrased. They are a nuisance to the public. Shouting and scolding innocents.

The world would be better a place if we understand Islam truthfully with our hearts.

I learned some other stuffs but if i have time, ill try to type it down..till later..


a k i r a said...

Salam Izyan!
I just received your postcard. Hope you've received mine as well ;)

Jzkk for the wonderful postcard! *hugs* Terima kasih juga berkongsi pengalaman di Korea. Tak sempat nak komen panjang sebab nota saya masih menunggu but do know that I am a loyal reader ;)

Take care dear!

masterKG said...

ermmm...selalunya bila i tgk gmbr korea...bestnyer kalu dapat g korea...drama 'Jewel In The Palace" in Jeju bila izyan katakan the "real" korea...ermmm make me think twice if i want 2 go korea..better if im going 2 sabah..hehehe

ayumitakashi said...

my blog was masterKG...then after this i would 2 change it..dunt leave any comments on it,coz i got a new blog but dunt have enough time 2 do it..hehee...