Saturday, 4 April 2009

the Death Day 04 04

This morning was stupidly frustrating, but it ended out with one of the best birthday ever. Starting off with , people nearby who doesnt even remember what day is today, to the - its an expected boring day" coz im way off far away from my family, way off far from the internet, the day where some people doesnt have a handphone yet, the day where people are busy getting ready for new semester, the day where senpai(seniors) are busy helping their kouhai(junior). So, i was quite expecting to have another lonely birthday like last year.

My morning, started off with the usual birthday wishes from the handphone. A fren called me and ask how was i filling, what im doing, i told her i donno what to do. Its Saturday but no one is inviting me for any outing. So, im sort of stuck in Machida, dont really know what to do. Desperately , Dyingly want to go out. But doesnt have a reason. I bathed and put on my hijab. but just sat in the room. My fren told me, if people dont invite you, then you have to plan your day, yourself.


Since teenage years, i always had a birthday party. Planned myself a week before the day. What kind of food to serve, how many people to invite, what time, celebrate with who, yada yada ~ So, what i really want for my birthday is to get a surprise birthday party. Well,its just a wish. Like i said, im expecting a lonely birthday.

Then my parents called me.. A bit emotionally cured.

After a few minutes, creating reasons to go out of the house, i wrapped a present for a belated birthday. wrote down her address. And start walking out towards the post office. As i walked along the river beside my house, i noticed new creatures there. koi. yeah, very big koi fish, orange and black and also white. swimming around with the native ducks and also big black crows at the river. Quite relaxing , watching it swimming and twirling around.

Later on, i had a fish burger for breakfast.

I wrote down what i want to type while i was at freshness burger.but,Im cutting short my devastated pathetic morning story coz my day ended up into an incredibly unexpected happy day.

Text a few frens, if we can have lunch together at Sweet Paradise. A buffet restourant, serving pasta and deserts. And so, we did shopping, and eating. It was a blast really. Just look at the pics.

Before leaving Sweet Paradise, i wanna get a souvenir. Took a Sweet Paradise pink file, and ask the waiter, where to pay. he told me its 150yen. i know coz its written there,but i guess he thinks i donno how to read, so i asked again where to pay. he told me to pay to him. so i unzipped my wallet to search for a 100 and 50 yen coin. Suddenly he said , its ok, just take it. REALLY? yup really, just take it. LUCKY ME (^_^)

Later that day, i went to another fren's house in tokyo. Coz i wanna use the internet. They cooked and baked a chocolate cake for me!!! 本当にうれしかった。本当に感動しています。みんな、ありがとう。I dont know how to say thank you, but jzkk. I hope Allah will bless all of you. I really2, appreciate it. Considering what a bad morning i had. I was really, REALLy touched. Luv all of you.

Subhanallah , thank you God, for giving me the opportunity to experience this day. The remembrance of death day. (4 is a number frequently related to death)


Anonymous said...

happy belated besday =)
bestnyer dpt choc cake..jeles lak huhu..

shAhIdA mIdi said...

nice layout!

neway, happy birthday,skali lg..

Paan Lee said...

otanjoubi omedetou gozaimas!!!! :D wish u all the best, may Allah bless u with all the wonderful things living in Japan :D

tun izyan dalila said...

thank you again~~

sha, izyan nak choc parfeit~~ haha

yana sahri said...

happy belated birthday!!!
choc cake itu nampak sgt sedapppp n sgt moist!!!!

tun izyan dalila said...

home baked cake..mmg sedap pon.. lagi2 diyana yang buat. pastu di decorate oleh rika tachi.(^_^)v

~ANTZ~ said...


happy belated birthday. ari tu dah ingat nak bagi msg kat friendster pastu terlupa. gomen ne...

baru je terpikir sape yg buat cake tu. rika tachi rupanya. kirim salam pada semua ye.


sna_a said...

Salam izyan
Happy belated besday! Sian izyan yer had a bad day tp turned out suteki datta jyanai! Just nak inform sbb nmpk meronpan 7e dlm gmba tu. Dah pernah call dia, dia kata ada guna lard huhu. Zannen desu. Jya matane