Wednesday, 18 February 2009

voluptious chocolates

kata je nak diet.. hehe.. the first pic is showing my senpai's chocoate gift. she got it from her colleague. then me and my peeps shared together. took tiny bites from it, and it was marvelous. sempena Japanese Doll Festiva/hinamatsuri or maybe valentines.

then the next day, went to che tom's house. jalan2 with anis chan, bought a limited edition koala machi biscuit. hinamatsuri gentei.

then, went to a convenient store/ konbini . this really catches my eyes from far.. seriously.. who is the designer for this chocolate banana drink.. thought of buying it coz i like chocolate and banana. but then, it has 乳化剤/emulsifier. need to call meiji first , to confirm if it is made from animals or plants. (agak controversy kan air nih.. adess..) but if i buy it, i have to cover it up with plastic or somthing. it would be weird holding it in public. (-_-")

on the next day, went to kak halimah's house. stop by at cozy corner.. i like their cream puff..
this is their chocolate flavour cream puff.

then on the next day(today), went to donki hote, a shop that sells miscelaneous stuffs at cheap price.
i bought this .

the choc is too sweet... not really my taste.
actually , i did bought a supercup chocolate ice cream together with the van houten choc , but tak tangkap gambar lagi..

so this is the end my one week of chocolate journey post.

lately, ive been searching for tourist spots in jeju island,, korea .Amazingly,there is a chocolate museum..(the only chocolate museum in asia)
after watching the vid, i dont think it's tempting at all.


Anonymous said...

so, banana choc milk tu leh minum ke x? ^^v

tun izyan dalila said...

tak check lagi..coz hari tuh dah lebih pukul lima. x leh nak call..

snylo said...

waaa, zenbu oishisou!!

nk jugak mkn... especially that chocolate cream puff, it just looks so tempting..

i'm a chocolate lover too...

Niealex said...


choco puff.


banyak makan nampak. =P

eD said...

Post Izyan selalunya mesti berkisarkan makanan.


Next year mahu choc dari Izyan. :D

AMIR said...

synlo : tunggu lagi 3 tahun yeah? haha. nanti u boleh rasa, itu pon tak tau if still halal or not. LOL.

niealex : berhijrah dari rumah ke rumah.. memang banyak makan. hehe

ed: next year? knp tak mintak bulan 4 nanti ker.. or waktu datang bulan 3 nanti ker. LOL.btw. oishii mono ga suki (^^,)v

~ANTZ~ said...

Izyan...nak jugak. waahh...sedapnya. meleleh air liur. hehehe. rindu nihon

-kak hanis-

tun izyan dalila said...

eh , yang AMIR tuh izyan tau.. terguna AMIR nyer.. ntah sape lah tuh.. adess.. computer org lain..

sekarang nih izyan kat rumah aqilah in tokyo. berpindah randah everyday. hehe.

kak hanis,kat malaysia takde ker? hehe. if not , come lah holiday here. huhu