Wednesday, 18 February 2009

choco banana ore

today went to surugadai campus for an interview. an interview for asking a student guarantor. anyway, it turned out, i dont really need to apply. selamat 4500yen. on the way to kotakemukaihara, stop by a konbini. get to the drink aisle and saw the choco banana . only 2, i grab one and called the customer service number. the result : the emulsifier is made from plants. --i bought it of course-- o(>_<)o--so, nizam, insyallah boleh minum air tuh..

the taste. (i tested it on few of my frens, without showing the carton)some say, sedap. i asked her if she would buy it. she said yes. then i show the carton, she just giggled. (^^o).. then another fren said it is 薄い/watery/thin..she thought i add in water. but its like that. show her the carton..giggled in shock (^^o).. to me, it reminded me of chupa chup chocolate banana flavor lollipop.