Thursday, 19 February 2009

kimono origami (^_^-)/ and zuhud

kotakemukaihara got a bit messy. coz we need to produce this

at last, diyana and me finalized our bookmark project, gifts for our korea visit next month. we made 2 types of kimono origami.

wanna make too ? click here

at the back of the bookmark, we wrote down a hadith from Hadith Arbain An-Nawawiyah (compilation of the 40 hadiths). this is the 31st hadith from it. Di riwayatkan oleh Ibnu Majah.

ZUHUD..What does zuhud means? usually, we would have this image of being really poor, and be detached from any world luxuries.Last time, i did have that kind of imagination. but thats not wat zuhud really means. if we want to be zuhud, we dont really have to be poor, live in a very small house . dont own a car and etc. lets take a look of this hadith in english *

Abu’ l-Abbas as-Sa’idi said : “A man came to the Prophet (saws) and said, ‘Oh Messenger of Allah! Guide me to such an action, that when I do it, Allah will love me and the people will love me. He said, be detached from this world and then Allah will love you and do not be attracted to what people have and then the people will love you”. related by Hasan, ibn Majah kitab az-Zuhud

zuhud actually means to be detached from the world, but use the world for the benefit of the hearafter. Do you get it? To easily understand how it means, it is like putting the world in your hand. The world is with you, but at the same time you can easily release it when you need to. The world is not stucked in your chest.Compared to the hearafter, the world is so tiny (>_< )

For example, there are 2 types of people. Miss Selfridge and Miss Missisippi. Miss Selfridge is the type who thinks she need to be poor to be able to be zuhud. Because she knows that if she is rich she would forget about God. So, even if she is poor, she still helps around the mosque or when her guest came, she gives them the best and etc.Even if she is poor, she is happy. Giving watever she can with watever she have. She is not attracted to the world but used watever worldly thing she have to the benefit of hearafter.

Now, lets take a look at Miss Missisippi. She is rich, everytime she gets some profits, she would give it all out to the needy and left some for herself. She still needs some of the money to make another investment , to get profits again and give it all out. And leave some for the future.She is not attached to the world coz she could give away easily. She need to impress her client with a moderate car. So, she have to buy a moderate car. it is a necessity.she is not buying the car because it is the latest model or in the intention of showing off to her friends, but to use it for the benefit of hearafter. She would also buy a car for the use to transport the needy. This is also an example of zuhud.

It seems that im just giving you "money related" examples. Zuhud doesnt just go around money. It also includes time, energy , space , and everyting in the world. For example, you are very busy right now. then, a person came upon you and ask if you could teach him about islam. You, find some time just to see him. Thats zuhud towards time. Wouldnt people be happy and love you, because you spend some time (give up your time) for them. When at that time you could rest and relax, watch the televsion and lay back. Instead, you sacrafice that time, to meet the needy.

How about your sleeping time? Usually, you would sleep 8 hours. Then you sacrafice 1 hour for the hearafter. thats zuhud too ;D

--be detached from the world, use the world for the hearafter-- the world is in your hand-- get this in your mind, for easy understanding(^_^)

It sounds easy, hard to do at first, but easy to do when you are used to :D IZYAN ganbarre!! owh, and you too, Ganbattekudasai~ (^^o)/


Ummu Mujahid said...

simple and catchy..yet benefits. hihi. teringat nota kecil awak kat coklat yg awak bg dulu.. uriidu an aroka fil jannah. haip..uriidu aidhan ya ukhti..
gambaroune :)