Monday, 22 December 2008

New Otani Hotel - pt 1 - YPM Dinner

it started out with an escort bringing us to the room...

the inside...uuu..pretty chandelier...

if you wanna know how expensive a place is, just count the forks and spoons :D
some people think that this is how a civilized person should eat. very high class. but to me it is a waste of time to arrange and wash the extras; waste of money to buy it ;and also waste of space for the table. hehe. and eating with your left hand is a satan's act. (-_-") shame on the people who says we need to take eating course;coz we use it the opposite way(that means the fork is on the right while the knife on the when you eat, you put in food with ur right hand).but a fren of mine gave me an idea. if people tried to condemned the not right/"opposite way", just say that you are left handed. (^^,)

the starters.. raw fish with caviar and oranges...

then they grated lime skin on top..the smell was marvelous

the carbohydrate -- bread--

you can eat it with fine butter...

or dip it in this..

when they have poured in the soup

so it becomes like this.. you can really taste the extracts of the kelp..

then, they served the main dishes

grilled salmon and wrapped mushroom with special sauce.decorated with green peas and broccolis

the salad- there's a slice of pumpkin at the bottom, and some purple and red flower petals on top.

finally...the desert

milk coconut ice cream in the middle, surrounded with berries. blueberry,raspberry and strawberry.beneath it , there's kiwi, pineapple and mango.

lastly to soothe down the sweets. a very dark black coffee.


naim said...

asal ypm dinner..? best student..?

tun izyan dalila said... wouldnt believe me,it is not for best student. but,for people who flunk in their 1st semester's exams.(-_-")
we had an interview before dinner.

yani_worldpeace said...

wow...did u eat the raw fish???

Qudwatun Hassanah said...

Salam alayk.

What does YPM stand for? Are u on scholarship?

Err... Kenyang ke makan banyak tu?

tun izyan dalila said...

yani: yeah, i do eat raw fish. kat jepun kan ade banyak sushi with raw fish.

qudwatun hassanah : YPM stands for yayasan pelajaran mara, and yup im under scholarship.
and agak kenyang jugaklah makan tuh. but i dunno lah for guys. hehe.

::SRISUFI:: said...

salam izyan...

moga sehat selalu
seronoknya kan...berada di negara org pelbagai citrawarna...pelbagai pengalaman...

negara sakura memang best