Friday, 19 December 2008

1st tagged by yani tagged by srisufi

Starting time:
::10:08 a.m::

::tun izyan dalila::

::tun iylia dayana.::

::tun mohamad irham afiq::

Shoe size:

::158cm ::

Where do u live:
::for another year, japan::

Have u ever been on a plane:
::yeah, need to be on a plane to get to japan (^^,)::

Fallen asleep at school: university. my brain has limits. it shuts down automatically (@_@)::
Broken someone's heart:
::yeah, but didnt mean to. he thought me as more than a fren, when i dont feel anything. typically teenagers. duh... ::
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
::i dont sat by the phone, the handphone lays beside me, hoping to wake me up in the morning. which is very rare. if people call me too, i just cant answer it. too buzy sleeping. (Z_Z).::
Saved emails:
::yeah, tons. ive like too many unread emails. making cobwebs in the folders.haha::
What is your room like:
::my room in malaysia, very girlish and childish and colorful and lots of glow in the dark items hanging on the wall. my brother broke his bed, and replacing his with mine. so,there is only a mattress laying in the room in japan, very small and bed, just a futon.have tons of stuffs pinned to the wall.::
What's right beside u:
::a mug, books , my very striking pink handphone,my sis's mechanical pencil and a brush.::
What is the last thing u ate:
::limited edition maple flavoured MOW ice cream::
Ever had...Chicken pox:

Broken nose:

Do u believe in love at first sight:

Like picnics:

Who was/were... The last person u danced with:
::dancing poco poco dance in one of an explorace's task during autumn gathering, with my group mates.::

Last made u smile:
::when my mom sent me a msg, informing me, she went to ESQ training and she met my fren's mother (my mom seldom send me msg, so it made me smile (^_^)::
Today did u...Talk to someone u like:
::nope.i seldom call people . and im hitori gurashi(living alone). life is a bit lonely here.::
Get sick:
::the last time i got sick, last , last friday. too much stress i think::
Miss someone:
::erm, i think im a bit cold hearted. or maybe my heart is not functioning well. coz i dont miss anyone. never had homesick too. --izyan is weird--::
Who do u really hate:
::hated someone. but no longer. we must forgive and forget. right (^^,)::
Do u like your hand-writting:
::likey..when im making handicrafs. in class, i hate my hand-writting...especially when you dozed off..haha::
Are your toe nails painted:
Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:
::hurm,,my sis? nah.. i dont care really.. i can even sleep on the floor.::
What color shirt are u wearing now:

Are u a friendly person:
::i think so..::

Do u have any pets:
::in japan, no. in malaysia. a black fluffy cat, named kiki and a fluffy anggora rabbit,named furball(at my grandma's)::

Do u sleep with the TV on: tv is still in the box.::
What are u doing right now:
::breathing, typing, looking at the monitor, thinking when is the Question gonna end. ::
Can u handle the truth:
::i think so::
Are u closer to your mother or father
::hurm...both. depends on wat kind of topics you wanna talk about::
Do u eat healthy:
::yeah. since im hitori gurashi, ive to force my self to eat veggies. hehe::
If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:
::after the Creator, if the question means person--my senpai(senior) or maybe this particular junior in malaysia, who is the same age as me :P who i could just buzz on YM ::
Are u loud or quiet most of the time:
::hurm... depeneds...::

Are u confident:
::yup.. but if it has got to do with japanese stuffs, not so...::
5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
::1.i live with my family ,section 8, shah alam
2.studied in smk section 9 ,shah alam
3.studied at unisel, section 7,shah alam at wisma, section 3, shah alam
5. finally, i got to fly to japan. and get out from shah alam::

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1.sign up for muhammad al-shareef's courses, a library full with islamic books(malay,english,arabic, and japanese) , qurans with translation and put it in all hotels and maybe distribute it all around, a secret lab for secret stuffs. (hehe..grin.. (> <) 5.lastly build a center to translate islamic books into japanese.( of course, any of my frens learning in japanese can be hired ;D) ::

5 of my bad habits:
::hurm,, procrastinating and too much sleep::
5 places I've lived/living :
:: shah alam and japan..::
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::SRISUFI:: said...

izyan...tq sudi jawab tag tu...

selamat berjuang yer..

yani_worldpeace said... such a cute pet...geram dah di tag oleh srisufi eh...hehhe

Anonymous said...

what this tagged thing? i dun understand..hehe m(-_-)m

naim said...

bley x x mahu wat tag itu..? huhu..

yani_worldpeace said...'s ok...thought you tagged by srisufi also...have a nice day...

tun izyan dalila said...

naim: yeah sure. x kisah pon if u dunt wanna do. its no biggie (^^,)