Friday, 7 November 2008

im just me

i use to thinks like wat other ordinary girls thinks

doesnt wear a hijab, and didnt really know the real meaning of hijab.

doesnt know wats the real purpose of life. well, getting rich ,get a handsome bf and live happily ever after was one of my mission.

trying to fit in with other people as best as she could.
then, suddenly i found Islam.
im not like a caterpillar who suddenly change into a
in a blink of an eye.
it takes time.
its not like when i found it, i knew everything.
everyday is a new thing.
needs improvement.
sometimes i cant accept the truth.
but as the river flows,
at the end of the journey it will fall into the truth sea.
when people question me, why didnt i tell my fren bout wats wrong and right.
do you think it is easy?
even if i knew it, do you think it would be appropriate to blurt out to people when i myself am not advised yet?
ive been through , such enthusiasm, to advice people and start telling this and that. like this is haram ok.! stop doing just shock them out to know the truth like that. they feel like they have been smacked with a pie in public. so, i learn it is not the best way to convey the truth like such ways. people will only just start to hate me.i learn my lesson..God flips over the

and im just His lil servant who is still imperfect. im not an angel. im a human.i still do mistakes. so, please dont misjudge me.


eD said...

Continue advising me. Please.

And thank you.