Thursday, 6 November 2008

couple tuh haram?

for a person who is in a tarbiyah, lil bit or more, he can comprehend that couple is haram. but how bout people who are not in the zone yet. getting an email bout couple is haram , would really shock them. wouldnt it? so shock that leads to a dilemma situation. doesnt really have the slightest idea of how to get a real proper islamic way partner.. hurm.. i too would be in dilemma.

- just a thought from me coz someone asked me about my opinion on couple haram article. opinion about how to handle his/her couple, to break of with him/her or not-

but i think dilemma would be a good thing. it would make the person think more. if we think about big stuffs, we would not be bothered about small stuffs. for example, would you feel lonely when u are doing your assignment that u need to pass up in an hour? lonely = need a person to cheer up your life = need to find a couple . but do you even bother about your couple when you are passing up your assignment, or even when you are in a test. same goes to the big stuffs and small stuffs theory. when you have something big to do in your life, you wouldnt have the time to go mushy sushi with a couple. making islam as the order of the world is big thing . the work has a lot of stages and needs lots of attention, turning yourself into a full time muslim, turning other people too, these are big stuffs. when you are in a war, u wont even have the time to think about which pair of socks should i wear today.