Thursday, 4 September 2008

HaRi InI SeRoNoK.

hari ini seronok (kak un suruh tulis camni ,hehe) .

today was fantastic coz ,i went to ueno and bought some swatches for my family. it is not kinetic but its still quite cool. i bought a funky one for myself since i lost my nike watch at hatchioji masjid. i also bought some track pants , one for an addition at home, and another one is for if i sleep over at che tom;s . She had already complained that there are too many unidentified or guests leftover clothes at her house, for a four box drawer, 2 of it are full with outsider`s clothes. not to mention in her o`shi~ire too. hehe. and now im adding some more. sorry yer che tom.

after ueno, we head straight to Hiroo Masjid. The masjid is sort of like Hachioji Masjid. maybe it is because the person that handles the masjid are from saudi arabia. It is not like Yoyohiuehara masjid which looks like our masjids in malaysia. full with carvings and islamic art. wait a minute, in all of the masjids that ive been, yoyogiuehara masjid is the only masjid that looks like a masjid in malaysia. other masjids are like surau, not surau that have kubah, but a surau that stands on shopping lots building. get it? i think u get wat i mean right.

hari ini seronok , coz at hiroo masjid, i met 4 japanese muslim ladies. one of them is a mualaf. she still havent put on full hijab on herself. she even asked me where i bought my hijab. i was wearing an indonesian style hijab, so i told her that she can also get it from the internet coz i knew an indonesian who sells it in japan.

hari ini juga seronok , coz i met an indian mother with her baby. This 7 month old baby, named Yahya keep on giggling and smiling to who ever that came to him. i got a pic with him but unfortunately, i couldnt up load it now coz i dont have an sd card reader. im typing from kak halimah`s . Ummu Yahya said that Yahya likes to come to the masjid, and he wouldnt cry here. subhanallah. Maybe beautiful aura surrounds this Hiroo masjid, a very simple but nice masjid.

today is soo much fun coz at hiroo masjid, the toilet uses a hose, not a bide(automatic water that comes out from beneath of the toilet bowl) nor a watering pot, but it uses a hose like my house. hehe. maybe u think , whats a big deal . a toilet with a hose . the one and only ive seen since im in japan. so it really is a big deal. hehe.

today is fabulous coz we had iftar at aladdin`s restourant. iftar could not be held in the masjid, but we had to walk a few metres to the restourant. there was a buffet there. it was free ok. the iftar from the masjid is held at a restourant. they seved iranian dishes. It was sooo delicious. i think kak un realized that i could stop smiling while eating. coz it was sooo oishii... the desert was a like a caramel pudding but a manggo topping . nyum nyum.

the tarawikh held , was an 8 rakaat tarawikh. then the witir had a lil bit different kind of doa qunut. it was doa qunut + some other dua . there were a lot of people who came here, thus when the people replied the alfatihah of the imam, the "amin" sounded like in the sultan salahuddin mosque ,with the echos, except u had to minus the out of tone sounds. what i mean is , i still remember the amin in malaysia, there would be an out of tone sound of amin by the kids. the usuals would be "amiin" but some of the kids would be like "AAMIIIIIN" . hehe.

conclusion ~

today was totally superb.

hari ini memang seronok.

(^_^) ureshikatta yo

owh yeah. campur skit lagi.
hari ini seronok juga coz dapat makan baskin robbin nyer ice cream cake. chocoalate and vanilla. its che tom`s bday.


Rosita said...

izyan...fotonya bagus2....ikut ngopi ya...

izyan dalila said...

oh, silakan (^_^)