Wednesday, 3 September 2008

3rd ramadhan

More RAMADHAN graphics
just got back from masjid otsuka.. hari nih iftar di sini. jumpa ahmad and ibrahim and abdullah lagi. Hari ni teman2 seperjuangan ku ramai yang hadir ber-tarawikh disini. dari gakkou, dari tempat kerja, dari arbaito, dari rumah. there are some who even have the time to make some deserts. ibrahim didnt finished his gohan, maybe he was a lil bit shy because there are just soo many malaysian ladies. hehe. but maybe he was saving his apart of his tummy for some desert. coz when we were cleaning up the left overs, i put in some jelly into a plastic and gave it to a japanese muslim there. suddenly lil ibrahim kun said he also wants some. so, i said to him "jelly wo motte kaetai no?" which means "do you want to bring back home some jelly?" . "no , i dont want to bring back home" "then, do you want to eat it?" . he node, and smile shyly. so i gave him the jelly to him and he gobble it up. hehe. All of us giggled at his cute lil act. i think ahmad,ibrahim and abdullah are mix of japanese(mom) and pakistan (dad). they look like normal lil kids who still plays around, but on another side that kak hanis and i were so curious was, how does the mom take care of her children. How does she teaches her sons to memorize the quran. coz once ive heard lil ibrahim or abdullah recited al-mutafifin. and then i heard that he already memorize the al-baqarah. hontouni sugoi to omou (it really is great). i also want my future children to be like that too. (~_^)