Sunday, 31 August 2008

1st Ramadhan

More RAMADHAN graphics
On 1st Ramadhan , i went to Hachioji Mosque, hoping to pray tarawikh there . It was 7.15 when i arrive Hachiyouji eki(station). Isya turns in at 7.45 . Nadiah went to look for an umbrella in Sogo, while i wait for Syada , a kousen girl, to arrive. When we have all gathered, we rushed ourselves from hachiyouji eki towards the bus stop. Even though it was raining heavily, and even though it was late, hopes of praying together is still high in my heart. When we arrived by bus at the front step of Tauhid Masjid (Hachioji Mosque) , dim lights shone from the glass windows. Where is everyone? Took the stairs till 3rd floor, and opened up the Muslimah prayer's room's door. Ummu Bashar was there all alone in the dimmed yellow light. "Assalamualaikum" . "Walaikumsalam" . Ummu Bashar switch on the lights and later on hug us cheerfully. After praying maghrib and isya, we asked Ummu Bashar about tarawikh and she told us that we have to wait till the moon is seen, or a confirmation from the islamic centre whether we fast or not tomorrow. Since it was raining, it was hard to see the moon, and most probably they'll follow Malaysia. " Then after that, we will pray tarawikh" ummu Bashar told us. Unfortunately it hasn't been confirmed yet even though it is already 10.30 pm. We had to go back to Nadia's house because trains and buses doesnt run 24/7 . At first, we (nad and me) thought we would have sahur at home, but on second thought, we went to Coco's Restourant, that closes at 2am. fajr is at 3.40 am .we went there at 1am. we had seafood spagetti :D It was a bit expensive though, but hey celebrating the 1st ramadhan is just once a year. salam ramadhan (^_^)