Sunday, 7 September 2008

iftar hachiyouji

  • AlBaqarah 183-185
Believers, fasting is decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you; perchance you will guard yourselves against evil. Fast a certain number of days, but if any one among you is ill or on a journey, let him fast a similar number of days later; and for those that cannot endure it there is a penance ordained: the feeding of a poor man. He that does good of his own accord shall be well rewarded; but to fast is better for you, if you but knew it. In the month of Ramadan the Koran was revealed, a book of guidance for mankind with proofs of guidance distinguishing right from wrong. Therefore whoever of you is present in that month let him fast. But he who is ill or on a journey shall fast a similar number of days later on. God desires your well-being, not your discomfort. He desires you to fast the whole month so that you can magnify God and render thanks to Him for giving you His guidance. (183-185)
  • video ringkas mengenai ape yg patut ku capai dalam bulan ramadhan. lailatul qadar, tarawikh pada saf pertama, etc.
  • it is known that there are more than 1 billion of muslims in this world. and when ramadhan comes, good and bad muslim fast. One side of the world, like Malaysia, would have ramadhan tv shows, ramadhan bazaar, tarawikh, iftar, moreh, etc. Another side of the world, no food to iftar nor food for sahor, no place to rest, no medicine to take, home to shelter, bombs and shot guns ringing in their ears, etc. why is this happening? puasa, zakat, hajj,.. are just basic stuffs. and most of muslim does this. there are just about 5million jews in this world. if each muslim give a little punch to each jew, ... you get the point .. so wats the prob? a sahabat asked the prophet pbuh is it because we are few? the answer is no , there are so many of us but like bubbles in the sea. so, y , the sahabat asked again. the answer was because they have the wahan desease. what is wahan they asked. it is a desease of loving the world more than loving death. Lebih cintakan dunia daripada cintakan kematian.