Friday, 12 November 2010

Working on a saturday before eiduladha holidays

Date : 13 Nov 2010
Location : Sony Isolated EMC Lab
Number of people in Lab : 2 Japanese 1 Malaysian (Me)
Task : finish off Final measure 32 inch TV
Location of Task : Chamber B
Number of people using Chamber B : 1 Malaysian

Current situations : Other Malaysians took annual leave and otw to their kampungs.
Japanese Boss : busy in the office.
1 Japanese in lab : using Chamber A
another 1 Japanese in lab : busy with laptop, sitting between chamber A and chamber B

Conclusion : The 1 Malaysian is Having  loads of fun measure operate cut screw drill cover open the 32" TV without pressure of others. The best thing, the 1 Malaysian can surf the net (except blocked sites. eg: Facebook) to check email etc without  the Office People knowing it by using remote desktop connection , in lab.

Unsolved cunning self-thought Task : watch television program from a 60 INCH TV at chamber B.

ok, finished talking about the current situation, before Mr 1 Japanese busy with laptop, He asked me what is Hari Raya Haji Holiday is about.. ok, to converse with this guy, you have to speak japanese. so.. with my rusty japanese.. i tried to explain to him . It was.. horrible. haha. so, in the end, i search from the internet. and this is what i got.

please go to this website :

and click
◆イードルアドハー(犠牲祭)は、 何を意味しているのしょうか?

If you are having a problem how to explain what is hari raya haji to japanese, u can just print it out and give it out.

so, i gtg , Happy Eidul Adha everyone. have nice holiday. yg kat jepun gi pray kat embassy yer. yg kat malaysia, berhati2 di jalan raya. ingatlah org yg tersayang. ampun maaf dipinta.

wasalaam :)



kyo_9 said...

thanks for the website..
gotta prepare myself for any questions about it after this..

tun izyan dalila said...

your welcome. All the best there ;)

snylo said...

that's so cute~

and that link really is useful, thanks for sharing

i miss you