Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Aqsa Sharif and "Xiang"

Im early to work today. well, considering that i always come to work at 9.30 (as late as can be, like punching in the clock at 9.29am) today i clock in at 8.38am.
First to be in the lab, i had to switch on everything, the lights the power the aircond etc.

Long long time ago i wanted to search for Aqsa Sharif in the net, as i am not familiar with it. Only today that i had the chance or opportunity or time, equipment and desire to search it.

At the main area of the website, there was a story on Japan. click on the tittle to read about it :

familiar faces and how the article explains the way these students run the program, is just enough for me to understand , imagine and remembered how the real feeling is. The good old times, sob sob.

Mandarin : Wo dangran xiang nimen

Japanese : minna ga totemo koishii
English : I really miss you all

since, Aqsa Sharif is in this article, im gonna put up the charity poster on my page.

Alright then , i gtg.
work work and work . i think im turning into a Sony Robot =P


aL-wAfA said...

cannot wait to see you!!
sabar..sabar.. :)