Thursday, 19 November 2009

spring cleaning

Every time i write a post, i dont put on labels. so, now ive more than 100post. It is such a waste coz people couldnt read the old post. who would want to go and look around at the archive? so, im starting some spring(autumn) cleaning by putting up some labels on old posts. Im doing it bit by bit. so, there still a lot more to go. most of my post are  videos and pics of food. :D i did read back some of the old posts and realize that my post nowdays are different. I lack of enthusiasm to write(nowdays) . Back then, i really typed a lot. and i like to describe. Most people like the pics of food of course(hehe) and also my experience in japan and also advices. im kinda off the track. so, i will try to write more :D

i like this post coz i tried really hard to explain about zuhud in a simple way.

i never stop liking to take pics. But today i realized ive stopped posting it in my blog. so, im gonna share you something. There was this one day, i sort like of like want to cook malaysian dish for the japanese. And i told my japanese friend , and he said "ok, just cook at my lab next week". So, i made nasi lemak. Nizam made chicken curry. FYI, this is my first time cooking nasi lemak. The sambal took me about 2 hours to cook. fuh. The nasi , i forgot to put in halia, and i dont really know what is the "sukatan",  it was a disaster. but , who cares..(except nizam) the japanese doesnt really know the real taste. wink *

challenging the japanese to eat with hands. although my lab mate was the only one who wants to eat with chopstick. nasi lemak with chopstick ?? ok, suite yourself :D
Owh, when we were chatting, one of the guys asked me why we dont eat pig or meat. and jokingly said i should eat it. then another guy told  the previous guy, we shouldnt play around with pig or say something bad about it to me. So, Nizam and i were awed "huh??" . coz the second guy thought pigs are holy animals or sacred to muslims. that is y we dont eat pig.. ????  BLINK BLINK.

p/s : im going to niigata for autumn gathering!!! insyAllah will post some pics from there later :D


Athirah said...


ape tu..
makan nasi lemak guna chopstick ?
haha.. x best maa..
x de feel..

dia kena guna tangan..
sampai jilat jari..fuh..sedap

pig tu suci ?
ahaha.. u reallu need to explain them about this..

eD said...

haha...izyan buli diorg makan gune tangan. kesian~ :P

tun izyan dalila said...

athirah: owh, memang explain balik kat budak tuh. sebenarnya ramai lagi org jepun yang salah faham ttg islam. mungkin juga kerana orang islam sendiri tidak menunjukkan islam yang sebenar . oleh itu kita kene berusaha :)

ed : hehe, bukan buli.. bagi diorg try budaya kita.. perasan tak ada sorg tuh pakai tangan kiri?