Thursday, 9 April 2009

MixEd uP with Time

I got a msg from someone, to meet up at ikebukuro at 8.30.
So, today i started getting ready from 6am, got into the train at 7am. Which i rarely do.

Trains at this hour are like sardines.Rush hours. thank God, there is an only girls train. cant imagine if i got myself into the non bias train. well, maybe i can crush in there, but if it is in Malaysia, i think ill wait for the next train. japanese guy and malay guy , just 2 different feeling. Its like the feeling of watching the japanese gurls wearing miniskirt. you just dont really care about them. but if a malay girl puts on the same thing, your eyes would pop out and your lips wont stop complaining, what in the world is she doing..

anyway, Crushing myself in there, almost quite un-breathable for almost 1hour. Every station they stop , only about 5percent got out and 10percent of people comes in. so, at this point you just have to move with the sway. when it goes right, sway your way there. But the pressure is high. not just your blood pressure , but your balance pressure. When the train sway, you need to put some pressure at your feet so that you wont fall. Coz all the holder have been taken, so its like surfing a snowboard. Its all about the balance. But sometimes, when it gets really2 sardined, you just dont feel your feet anymore. This sardine kind of track is tiring. It really drains away your energy and emotion. huhu.

so, on the train to ikebukuro station, i suddenly recall the msg. Was it 8.30am or 8.30pm?? promptly, i called my fren . This fwen was asleep (-_-") ... And told me in a groggy voice "8.30pm".

The funny part was, i told her to call me up at 6.30, just incase i dont wake up . And she didnt see it as something fishy.

Huh..the moral of the story, double check the time. put am or pm or use the 24hour code.


yana sahri said...

tak pasal2 dapat pengalaman bersardin.
hehehe....pastu u balik patah balik r ek?

tun izyan dalila said...

tak lah, gi rumah aqilah. 3 stations from ikebukuro. (^^,)v

Niealex said...

keh keh.. semangat la kan i kejut u pukul 6..
tape2, rensyu sebelum kelas start.