Wednesday, 8 April 2009

hari ini dapat bunga free (^^,)

Everytime i open the rika gurls house, i could see a sakura tree nearby the balcony. It has already started to grow green leaves, the petals are dropping like snow. Time to say goodbye not just to the flower but also to some of my senpai (senior) who are going back to malaysia for good.

This is a bunch of flower that i got for free coz i bought a pot of flower for rika`s kouhai. They are about to have an open house tonight, but i think i couldnt make it coz i want to spent some time with my senpai.

Today i cooked. Roast chicken and potato salad.suprisingly at rika gurls house. My cooking would never be spicy, so everytime i cook, they will have a plate of freshly cutted super spicy green chilies for extra spicy taste.

today`s deseart

i gtg. till next time (^^,)/


Paan Lee said...

salam, bunga apa tu? sgt lawa

tun izyan dalila said...

wakaranai.... hehe

aqila-jp said...

ur roast chicken was sooo good. thanks for the lunch and the flowers.
oh ur flowers has became layu =(, zannen des ga but i think i'm going to buy a new one.