Tuesday, 13 January 2009

finally, a demonstration in japan

戦争を止めろ (stop the war)

After days since the war in Gaza has started, finally a demonstration was done at koujimachi, infront of israel's emabassy last friday. it was raining, but the demo goes on.

i thought japan would just ignore bout the gaza isu, but actually there are some people who really cares . maybe 0.01% of the population?

demonstrations are rare occasions .

japan is a weird place to demonstrate. or maybe it is because it has got to do with Islam. when i arrived there, some policemen were happily, willingly to LEAD me into the small crowd of demonstrators.

WEIRD. super friendly weird. pics were not freely to be taken.

every time the demonstrators wanted to take pictures of ourselves demonstrating, some police would come up and we'll just back off.but no harm done. policemen just watch from far...

the final touch of the demo were convoy cars passing slowly while honking. when they arrived to the center, they wind down the windows and showed off banners.

whats in my head after demo:

1.even though japan television was near to the demonstration place, no reporter came.
2.policemen acts friendly
3. policemen would come to us when we try to take pics.

conclusion :
japan has an issue with Islam.
still, they act friendly in front, but at the back...
it seems like they don't want the public to know about islam.

anyway, you cant stop peace lovers.the next day,they gather up and make a demo. i wasnt there, so i dont know how it was, but it looks like a real cool demo.
i hope these peace searcher would found the real peace, IsLaM (^^,)


hairul faizal adli said...

kat malaysia banyak betul demo-demo nih.....semua orang penuh semangat...

a k i r a said...

Salam Izyan. Glad to know there is a demo there. However I'm curious of your few last lines..apa maksud Japan ada issue with Islam? Care to share more? Thanks my dear friend!I too hope they will receive the hidayah.