Friday, 12 December 2008

twinkle twinkle lil *star *

from out of nowhere, the whole classroom heard the musical tone of "twinkle twinkle lil star". it reminds you of a musical box, where the "ting" sound made by it, so smooth, soft, and feels like you are being lullaby by it. asking you to go to sleep. BUT we were in the middle of optic fibre class. A lot of people were about to drool off, but the handphone tone wake them up, and the stressful students trying to understand wat in the world is the sensei(lecturer) is teaching, scribbling and lecturing at the blackboard, started smiling. at first, we were like "who forgot to switch of their hp??" , then trying to trace up where the sound is coming from, our dear sensei stopped writing,turned around and open us his bag, searching for something.. we smiled,and then giggled a lil bit, but still maintained the respect for the elderly. so, sensei continued to the board. THEN it rang again. From smilling, some just couldnt stand it and just burst out laughing.

p/s video in bukan lagu sebenar kejadian(^^,)

I guess everybody knows this "twinkle twinkle lil star " lullaby. It had reminded me of a happy children song, my happy childhood life. But, then it stroke me. Wat about the kids in Palestine? Darfur? Iraq ? Not every kids get the chance to be secured and happy , to enjoy their childhood. instead of "twinkle twinkle lil star ",its "twinkle twinkle lil BOMBs "Yeah, its sad. i know. but us feeling sad for them, (like this moment only) then go back to our luxurious life, and forget about them is not an answer. you get it dont u? or not ? we need to get MOVING~~~ and i mean --get your lazy bump of that comfy chair!