Sunday, 14 December 2008

its throbbing

its throbbing,
harder than usual,
is it thy heart?
wats laying beneath it?
only the beholder and Him knows,
wats wrong ?
sense this is wrong,
sense that its wright,
signals from thy angels?
or signals from thy devils?
all has been written,
with permanent ink,
wats left is just for the actors,
to play on the stage.

why is the world so cold?
why cant u just try out?
why do you have to be stunned?
why do you want to get away?
He loves you,
why cant you realize it?
why cant you feel it?
you know wats behind a rain,
thy beautiful rainbow.

no matter wats inside or out,
there's one thing which there's no doubt,
He knows.
and you know,
it hurts..


::SRISUFI:: said...

salam izyan...sri dtg ni....mandalm makna entri nih yan...boleh tak sri minta email or id ym....

ym sri:jj_srisufi jgn lupa add sri k