Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The "True" Furqan - dont get confuse (@_@)

do you know wat is the true furqan all about? it is sort of like a scheme done by islam's enemy . im quite shock , because in the introduction, it specifically says "to the Arab nation specifically and the Muslim world collectively ......"
people really do can get confuse even by the book's title. Furqan VS Quran. imagine a japanese who wants to know about islam , and quran in japanese is koran. so, since he doesnt know wats in english, he could make a big mistake. a spelling error when you are google-ing. could make a difference too. assuming that the person has never seen a Quran before in his life.

The possibility of getting the wrong copy of the Quran is high even to muslims or non-muslims. why i say this.

  • once i had a friend who asked me to help him check if the content of the quran that he is buying is true or not.
  • second, i knew a lot of people who just read the quran in arabic, and never understand wat the contents is all about.
So, if people never knew how a Quran looks like , in and out,and never read the translation of the quran, wat would you expect? .. you get the point right.

the true fuqan. click here--> dont get confuse