Thursday, 23 October 2008

Jom Makan !!

from left:me,yabe,dont know who coz didnt ask his name..huhu, tanaka,kimura,aoyagi,kak diana,kak mimah

i just got back from Jom Makan Restourant, at Ginza, tokyo..... here are a few pics ... the telur dadar was 700yen (rm25.7125) ,

the teh tarik was 500yen(rm18.3540),

nasi lemak is 1200yen(rm44.0496).. hehe. thats like how many times than malaysia??? "do the math" hehe.. this is otak2, fried. not in coconut leaf.. .
we had chow kuey teow, bihun goreng, mee goreng, kurma, kangkung belacan. and etc..didnt take pics of it, coz i was too hungry , no time to take pics, hehe.owh yeah, there was also taufu-fa--my favourite-- but over here, they used brown sugar instead of gula melaka.. so, the taste was not like the original.. i missed it!! (T_T) i still remember how i would always ask my parents if i could go and buy taufu-fa everytime we went to the night market. in malaysia it was only RM1.50 for a round tupperware full of taufu-fa.. over here it is 600yen(rm21.9999) for two small cube (look in the pic..) hehe.
ill be meeting the malaysia's deputy minister of human resources tomorrow. at first we were suppose to meet up at tokyo edo muzium, and then changed to emperial hotel, and just a few minutes ago, i checked up the internet, surprisingly, the placed had been changed to JoM Makan. haha.. this is hilarious ..また Jom Makan!!。(Jom Makan again!!) and ill take more pics.. hehe.


Ismat Abdul Qayyum said...

salam.seronoknya ada orang belanja makan mahal-mahal. ha, lain kali kena belanja orang lain pulak. jangan kita je yang terima tapi tak memberi..