Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Eman Rush Zone

i just love muhammad alShareef's inspirational talks. And today i happened to pass by one of the Heart Wheel Series by Muhanmad alShareef at youtube.

-Eman Rush is like faith accelerate. kinda of like boosters.
-analogy eg : people who play sports, they get into the zone. like for basketball , he shoots in 3 pointers, and shoots and shoots again . its like he is in the ZONE. he is on FIRE . or maybe football, he goes ZIGS ZAGS and shoots the goal!! And these people are unstoppable
-there is an author, doctor, who researchs on how these athletes get into the zone.

1st: they feel stress
2nd: they step back (patient/calm/sabr)
3rd: gets into the ZONE (they perform in a whole new level)
4th: at the end of the ZONE -- they become better.

-eg : in the battle of uhud; the rumor of the death of the Prophet SAW . Anas RA , reacted into the Eman Rush Zone.*
-so, how to get into the Eman Rush Zone? easy eg: maybe you just got back and a feel a lil bit tired to perform tarawikh. So,its either you go to sleep or get into the Zone.

* petikan ar-raheequl-makhtum
This Muslim group suffered from great bewilderment, and disorder prevailed among them. A lot of them got lost and did not know where to go. At this awkward time they heard someone calling: “Muhammad is killed.” This news made them even more bewildered and almost out of sense. Their morale broke down, or almost did in a great number of individuals. Some of them stopped fighting, slackened, and cast down their weapons. Others thought of getting in touch with ‘Abdullah bin Ubai — the head of the hypocrites — and seeking his assistance to fetch them a security pledge from Abu Sufyan.
Anas bin An-Nadr passed by those people who were shuddering of fear and panic, and inquired: “What are you waiting for?” They said: “The Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) has been killed.” “What do you live for after Muhammad (Peace be upon him)? Come on and die for what the Messenger of Allâh (Peace be upon him) has died for.” Then he said: “O Allâh I apologize for what these people (i.e. the Muslims) have done; and I swear disavowal of what the idolaters have perpetrated.” Then he moved on till he was encountered by Sa‘d bin Mu‘adh who asked him: “Where to, Abu ‘Umar?” Anas replied: “Ah, how fine the scent of the Paradise is! I smell it here in Uhud.” He went on and fought against the idolaters till he was killed. Nobody but his sister could recognize his dead body. It had been cut and stabbed by over eighty swords, arrows or spears. It was by the tip of his finger that she — after the
battle — recognized him.


Muhammad Alshareef said...

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,
Jazakum Allahu khayr for sharing the knowledge and helping spread the word. Congratulations on your blog!

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Salam'alaikum Izyan
Thanks for sharing dear.