Thursday, 11 September 2008

dare to fail

wow, i got the first F ever. dare to fail. haha.from 12 subjects, got 1 F, not so bad .. didnt expect to get just 1 F really, but alhamdulillah, lepas gak subject2 killer seperti 信号処理工学1 and マイクロ波工学 . yg fail tuh expected kot coz tak sempat nak belajar. watever it is, God will give wat is best to us. There will always be a hikmah for every grade that u get. Its either you need to ponder upon the mistakes, work harder, or dont be boastful, or etc.


a k i r a said...

Alhamdulillan.Benar seperti kata Izyan..setiap sesuatu ada hikmahnya..