Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pyramid Of Dreams - U.A.E.

WHOA... ternganga tengok vid nih..
click to watch-->Pyramid Of Dreams - U.A.E.
mesmerized . Dubai has all the luxury .Well, ive heard that the arabs are soo rich but never seen or new what they can realize with money. Having a 7 star hotel (not 5 but 7 stars!!) , and they build islands (collect sands from the sea floor ) and sell it off in just 72 hours. Crazy! And whats more. Skiing in the desert, and also skiing in a huge refrigerator . Money does jingle people around. Dubai is too commercialized, i think. Getting all of these luxuries are not just for fun, it comes with huge responsibility and it does scares me off. They sound like the perished nation,except they are not perished unless they follow the steps to be like the Aad Nation or Firaun or Thamud etc. Concerning about perished nations, i got this link from a friend --> Its is quite cool to look. But i really like to hear Muhammad Alshareef's four lectures. click to watch -->The Perished Nations.