Thursday, 12 November 2009

Siti Malaysia promoting

Wah, terjumpa vid comel promo malaysia in japanese :D

Siti Malaysia is Sailing to Japan & Korea!!! An ambassador of Malaysia comes to life with this Virtual Character created by Fly Studio. With the feminine & graceful animation style, Siti brings not only Malaysia Scenery to Oversea but also the level of local animation to a new standard. Despite cheerful character animation, a touch of 3D Character disguise under Manga Style Animation also makes the Character & Video an eye candy for viewers.


AjiGiJiss, AiN Kici said...

ii naaa..nak tunjuk kt dak kenkyu r..mesti derg batak..hihi

death_remark said...

waaahhh sugeee!!
hebat la izyan pndai cari link best2