Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Holding a grudge

It feels nice when you could share the things that is important to you.
I think Islam is the most beautiful way of life , the ideology is very beautiful,
that i just feel like sharing with all the people around me.
This beautiful pearls and gems are shared to me by angelic sisters.
So, i do have to share it with others.
Who are still wondering in the dark,
They have eyes but doesnt want to see
They have ears but doesnt want to hear
They have hearts but doesnt want to understand
I want to change the denying to accepting
Though sharing means acting upon what you say
so, sometimes I pause
and sometimes i push myself
hesitation really kills
How I've lost to help the needy
Ya Allah, help me to cope with my dilemma
I know that being far from You
Means no winning on my side
nonetheless, i yearn for the winning days to come.