Saturday, 29 August 2009

Semarak Ramadhan in reality

Alhamdulillah, Semarak Ramadhan 09 was ok, even though there were little problems . Our iftar/dinner caterer had an accident. so, dinner was postponed. Ladies's floor was a bit hot. People talking in the masjid, making the students a bit hard to listen . well, maybe there are hikmahs , and a way to teach sabar.


The Contract Analogy , by Sister Aar.

Most of the students in Japan are under contracts with their scholarship giver such as Mara, Petronas etc. So, in the black and white piece of paper (contract paper) , there are rules and regulations.

the things you have to do : learn well /graduate in engineering/ get a pointer higher than../,,

and the things you cant do : dont get married / dont bring electrical things to the hostel / ...

im just keeping it simple.

In return , they give you benefits. Scholarship XXXXXXyen, claims for health insurans, etc

so, all of these students put all of their efforts not to break the rules and follow the contract.
they go to class from earlly morning to evening. Some even stayed in the lab,hours, till dark.

They know the concequence of not following the contract, would be to pay back the money given, or putting yourself in shame or you will be left empty handed without any diploma or degree..

If you have never had a scholarship contract, you can even apply to other contracts such as loaning money for house, car, etc. There will always be rules and regulations. The things you need to do to survive with the contract, the things you are afraid of that drives you to do the hardwork.

Ok, now where is this analogy going on ? (; ̄ー ̄川 アセアセ

What is our contract to our Allah ? instead of the piece of paper, Allah also has given us a contract. The quran.

What is the rules and regulations in there ? the things you have to do and not to do. i dont think i need to list it here coz im sure you are better at it.

What is the benefit given ? Eyes,Ears,Lips, hands, legs,...tons and tons of benefits.

What is the job/profession that Allah ask you to be ? Al-baqarah : 30, khalifah.

If you dont do it, what is the concequence ?

Sometimes people forget, but its ok, one of the things we need to in the contract is to remind one another.*wink*

kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan amal saleh dan nasehat menasehati supaya menta’ati kebenaran dan nasehat menasehati supaya menetapi kesabaran. (Al-Ars:3)

Lets save our souls by trying to save others.
May this Holy Ramadhan be beneficial to you and I .