Wednesday, 22 April 2009

my sensei has a bodyguard

Believe it or not, my sensei has a bodyguard following her 24seven. Her husband, a lecturer was murdered in school territory. The murderer had not been identified yet. so, since that event, a bodyguard is seen outside of class. But the question is, till when does this have to go on ?

whats in my head lately:
1. zemi - figure out what you want to do - proposal, before 14th May
2. Carrier fair – Japanese and English resume
3. I get to rule my life – phoned my parents and told them I don’t want to proceed master in engineering , and they told me you can do whatever you want. Its your life. Ok, so im planning to work in Malaysia, then , plan more later. –
4. gonna have lunch together with Kasahara-kun next Monday. He is gonna buy me lunch.wee hee~ the catch for him is an English conversation with me . Kasahara is taking English class with me.
5. Have to think of a topic for English presentation. Should i do Gamelan or Palastine ? Easy topic or sensitive topic?
6. When is Bigglobe(an internet provider) gonna send me the access key and password?? i want internet access from home !!! (im writing from school library right now)

ok, enough ramblings for today :D


Qudwatun Hassanah said...

Salam alayk,

If you are in your sensei's place, what will you do? (Tanya je...) It must be agonizing to live in fear of the unknown. Ya Allah, jauhkan.

Btw, sensei refers to who? Your lecturer or who?

Paan Lee said...

salam izyan,
ni kisah lecturer dulu tu yg suami dia dibunuh ye? kesian nye, sampai kene pakai bodyguard... kene berhati2la pelaja jugak! :)

tun izyan dalila said...


Qudwatun Hassanah,
sensei refers to my lecturer. If in my place, tgk tahap keimanan lah kot. hehe. if iman tinggi, ask for Allah's protection je lah kot. if not, sentiasa berjalan dgn muhrim =D

Paan Lee,
haah, nih kisah lecturer yg suami dia dibunuh tuh. she is my research lecturer. boleh kata the lecturer yang paling rapat kot.

Niealex said...

tadi i call bigglobe from school. dia kata paling awal by the end of this week.
insyaAllah la dapat. I tak larat nak call lagi dah.
this time i waited 10mins to get the line.

hari ni i tak bawak phone. tak sabar2 nak balik. ah... home sweet home.

-tgh nak kelas.