Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wake Up Project \(O_O)/ -must watch-

Ive just finished my examination. Got back home and tuned into youtube.

"The Arrivals" series.

After watching it almost nonstop, i felt.. hurm.. how to say this. being unplugged? the series investigate the arrivals of the antichrist dajjal, imam al-mahdi, and the second coming of the christ. There are a lot of unclear puzzles. But as you get through the series, all the pieces are put into places. Some people say that the series is better than Prison brake. Why not? its full of suspense that will blow you away.

Its not just about Islam.
Its not just about Christianity.
Its not just about Judaism.

Its about the truth.

Its not just for Muslims,
Its not just for Christians
Its not just for Jewish.

Its for all human.

Including YOU.

Are you prepared to know the TRUTH?

Click here to tune in what im trying to tell u.

Its you choice.
To make a deaf ear,
or to discover the truth.


kyo_9 said...

setuju2.. tapi ape yg disiarkan dalam the arrivals tu cume ringkasan yang di ambil dari dokumentari2 lain.. ak cadang ko tgk ZEITGEIST 1,2 ntk tambah ilmu ko dalam isu nih..

tun izyan dalila said...

owh, thanks (^^,)V