Thursday, 20 November 2008

i want this...... (@_@)

wat can i say more.. i want this book. huhu. ive been looking at it like almost everyday since it had been promoted . i hope my dad buys it. please please oh please, if you(my dad) are reading this post.. please buy this book and post it to me.. you can read it first of course (^_^) hehe.

if you are wondering y i want this book so much, get the scoop about the book here---> (@_@)


eD said...

Ayah baca blog ni?

a k i r a said...

Wah! Saya tahu buku ini. Hope to get my hands on it too. InsyaAllah. Baru lepas memberi ISK minggu lepas (Bidan terjun yang x layaklah tapi...)