Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dinner with the Japanese Family

window shopping at Kichioji.

At first we arrived at kichioji. there were like LOADS of Shops. From old black market shops, street shops, to high class shopping malls.

Orang jepun nih pelik skit, even though not many of them are Christians, Christmas decorations can be seen everywhere and its not even December yet!!

cantiklah mochi nih.. tgk jer (window shopping lah katakan.. hehe)

Dinner at Aoyagi's
sampai2 tgh hujan, so Aoyagi made us a hot chocolate drink. kak diana brought along her famous kek bengkang kemboja.(trimas Zu, 4 the name). Aoyagi's favourite malaysian kuih.

starter... (i forgot the name but taste like jelly)

terung.mkn begitu sahaja.

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き) a pan-fried batter cake with various ingredients.

nih blom masak lagi nih. hehe.

okonomiyaki yang dah masak with tonkatu sos and mayonaise

ini tofu. but not made from soybean. made from ape yerk.. luper.. kak diana help (@_@)

ini nama nya natto.(fermented soybeans, stringy like melted cheese, infamous for its strong smell and slippery texture. Often eaten for breakfast.) -_-" i cant stand the taste.. huhu

sushi (beli dari supermarket dah siap potong) tp yang telur(color kuning) tuh okasan buat sendiri.

nasi utk sushi nih. tambah cuka, kipas kan supaya "bersinar" (^_^)

spread rice on nori(seaweed) then choose your favourite lauk, gulung, jadi makizushi. makan . hehe

lemon cake desert and tea

actually, i remembered the time when i brought back home my Japanese frens. And my family served them watever malaysian dish that we can serve them. coz we want them to taste almost everything. Now i understand how they feel. Bloated - very very full - . hehe.

ok lastly we took a skema pic. (but the pic could not be posted up here, coz Aoyagi segan muka dia kluar kat sini, hehe)hehe. they were all so nice and all the food were delicious. i forgot to take some pics like tempura and also miso soup.


a k i r a said...

Izyan! Kamu ada Japanse family! bestnye~

And the food looks super delicious! Yum! Dah lama teringin nak cuba Natto. Rasanya sama macam er..apa ye nama mende itu..erm..taucu ke?

izyan dalila said... can guarantee you, that you wouldnt want to eat natto... rasanya cam tahu basi .. (-_-") tak rasa cam taucu langsung...

p/s i dont have a japanese family..just went to a fren's house for dinner..dia suruh panggil the mother ,okasan, and the father otosan.. saya hitorigurashi(home alone) hehe.