Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Coca Cola Muslim Generation

Questions to know if you are a coca cola muslim.

1.Does your iman goes up and down ?

2.Do you think a man should have one wife?

3.Do you think of marriage as a match held together by love , or a working relationship trying to build a better muslim nation?

4.Are you planning to have 1 or 2 kids at the most and giving the best? Or are you hoping a football team of kids?

5.When you hear a speaker, and you like wat he says, do you want to get his autograph?

6.Do you prefer to get your knowledge from tape and video, or by sitting with scholars and study?

7.Do you wait for the J LO, Eminem or wat ever Cds? Or do you wait for the latest Islamic books? Or both?

8.Do you spend more time reading Vogue, Cleo or whatever magazines .. or do you spend more time on Quran and Islamic books?

9.Do you prefer to take a mortgage, or take a rent?

Wanna know the answers? Get the answers here-> Coca Cola Muslim Generation

p/s : the answers are at the end of the video.